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Photo by Fat Tony, featured on TheComeUp
Is it just me or does this look like a Depeche Mode cover?

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It makes me so happy when people reblog my photography


Woodward West, Roaster Coaster- 2014

By Kris Avery

pierre hinze, leipzig, april 2010

Arizona, 2014

My world- metallica Spoiled- basement Kaleidoscope- blink 182 Backseat freestyle- Kendrick Lamar Blood on the ground- incubus Shimmy- system of a down Sex- the 1975 Rite of spring- angels and airwaves It is not meant to be- tame impala Wide open road (demo version)- Johnny cash Rag and bone- the white stripes She's gone- one drop Badfish- sublime Kalifornia- the subways Cocaine-FIDLAR Maria- rage against the machine Alive- pearl jam Empty space- the story so far Hell- have mercy


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